Marketing Your Agency with SEO Marketing Leader, Josh Lenz

August 15, 2021 00:31:42
Marketing Your Agency with SEO Marketing Leader, Josh Lenz
Home Health Revealed (+Palliative and Hospice)
Marketing Your Agency with SEO Marketing Leader, Josh Lenz

Aug 15 2021 | 00:31:42


Show Notes

Hannah Vale and Michael Greenlee talk with Josh Lenz, a SEO marketing leader specializing in authority marketing about how home health agencies can better market their businesses to grow and scale their businesses.  

Josh shares his raw, personal story about going from the corporate world to woodworking to mastering SEO. He talks about the basic of marketing, types of content, and how to create a marketing plan. 

Learn more abut the basics of marketing: traffic and conversions. Marketing strategy is so simple but it requires a routine. Learn how you can achieve success with any platform. Do one thing consistently for an extended amount of time. 

The places you can publish and the types of content you can create are limitless. 

There are three types of content: 

1. Spoken word

2. Video

3. Written 

Begin with one content form to produce content consistently on a particular platform and become the authority. 

When choosing your content, picture the person you are serving. Taking care of a person is how you get your page to be seen. Write or create to a specific person to answer their question or solve their problem. 

Josh talks about how to create a marketing plan that can be done in-house through his system: Explore. Analyze. Adapt. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means getting your website ranked for key phrases that people are searching for. Josh explains how Google is ranking content. 

What is the difference in marketing and advertising? One is “free”

In the home health and hospice field, as agencies are trying to grow and scale, they must create a plan that is consistent. 

What is the difference in working with a marketing agency versus an individual? 

Incorporating culture and portraying the heart of the company is so important to send in your marketing message. 

Resources mentioned in this podcast: 

Create, Verify, and Optimize My Business 

HealthRev Partners 

Looking for information on home health and hospice coding or home health and hospice billing? Mention this podcast and get up to $500 off your first three months of service with a 12-month agreement. 

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